What a Medical Laboratory Technologist/Scientist do?

Medical laboratory plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. A Medical Technologist (also referred to as Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Clinical Laboratory Specialist, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Clinical Laboratory Scientists or Biomedical Scientist, internationally) performs most of these duties in the medical laboratory:-

1.    The Medical Technologist performs specialized tests in different branches of diagnostic sciences including Microbiology, Hematology, Clinical Pathology/Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Immunology, Serology and Exfoliative Cytology. Provides instructions in theory, technical skills, safety protocols and application of laboratory test procedures. He/She also provides continuing education for laboratory personnel, maintains technical competence and also participates in the evaluation of the effectiveness of educational programmes.

2.    The Medical Technologist supervises laboratory personnel and takes responsibility for establishing technical and administrative procedures, standards of practice, safety and waste management procedures, information management and cost effective measures.

3.    Serves as consultant concerning the potential and limitations of tests and explains principles, techniques of tests and examinations to physicians, nurses, students and other personnel.

4.    Assesses accuracy and validity of obtained test results by applying knowledge of relevant scientific principles, recognizes changes that are critical to patient care and identifies probable causes for irregular and atypical findings.

5.    Monitors and evaluates Quality Assurance and Quality Control data; determines causes and patterns of unacceptable results and initiates or suggests corrective actions to maintain accuracy and precision.

6.    The Medical Technologist evaluates test results, develop and modify procedures, and establish and monitor programmes, to ensure the accuracy of tests. He/ She verify, interpret and sign out the test result report.

7.    The planning, development and implementation an accompanying Pathology training manual. The Medical Technologist instructs testing personnel in established procedures, techniques and any new and modified procedures.

8.    The Medical Technologist plans, assigns and supervise the work of junior laboratory staff; adjusts work assignments as required to achieve optimal utilization of available resources. Over all training, best utilization, duty roster and leaves of the staff on duty.

9.    The Medical Technologist advices on purchasing or using of appropriate machines and equipments; checks and makes sure that all machines are kept and maintained according to the standards. He/ She maintains sufficient inventory of kits, consumables, controls and accessories in the laboratory.

10. The Medical Technologist maintains a healthy working environment and consults the departmental problems with the head of the department.

11. Provide leadership in educating other health personnel and the community. The Medical Technologists is also involved in the teaching, practical training and research thesis of undergraduate students. He/ She is actively participates in research projects.

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